No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2001-07-20 - 12:36 p.m.

get me out of here.

get me out of here.

i really, really need this backpacking trip.

i need something to remind me of the good things in life.

i'm sitting here, trying to ignore the voices around me. it's gotten to the point that i can't even stand TalksTooMuchGuy's voice. i cringe when he speaks.

i hate this job.

i need to start looking for a new job.


i don't think i can make it as long as i'd planned to.

i feel so guilty that i hate this job, but i do. i wonder how much of it is self-fulfilling prophecy. did i decide that i'd hate this job even before i started it?


i don't really think that matters, though.

i still hate it.

there's nothing compelling in this work for me. do i really care if some huge corporation has an application that runs faster than it did? no. this job doesn't do much to fulfill me, or to help the world. i want to find a way to make a difference besides greasing the wheels of big business.

get me out of here.

take me to the country and dip me in some bliss.

get me out of here.

no one should live like this.

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