No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2003-04-21 - 10:35 p.m.

nothing going on, really

Wow. Still more nothing. I'm writing tonight more out of habit than any desire to say anything.

Tonight I saw The Three Sisters. I love theater. I love it, love it, love it. But for some reason, tonight I was looking at all the actors on stage, and wondering how my life will turn out if I never get to where they are. I had that boost of confidence when I got the part in the film, but I've dropped back off since then. I dunno. Maybe just a bad day.

My newest show opens on Thursday. All improvisation. Frightening. Really, beyond frightening. No script, no safety net. I'm particularly nervous, because in the second act, I bear a huge amount of responsibility. I have to play guitar, sing made up songs, and tie everything together. One of my cast-mates referred to me as Atlas, and I think it's true. Eeep.

I haven't heard a peep from ShyGirl since we went out for lunch. I don't know whether or not to contact her. I wish that it wasn't something that was on my mind.

I hate when I'm a moron.

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