No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2002-07-11 - 10:19 a.m.

Quick one about lay offs and film debuts

The day before yesterday eRoommate got laid off. So now we're both living the life of leisure.

Except of course at least one of us has to get a job pretty quick. Cause of, you know, mortgages and stuff.

Of course, eRoommate has a much better chance of getting a job than me. He's got a freaking MBA, you know.

Oh yeah, I'm doing a scene in a student film sometime next week. I get to be a sleazy guy, hitting on a house cleaner.

Everyone's got to start somewhere.

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