No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2002-05-19 - 5:04 p.m.

Don't you throw that wig at me!

Oh what a weekend it's been.

Friday night was just dinner with RockGirl and some friends.

Yesterday was lunch with RockGirl, and starting to pack the apartment for the big move to the new house. I'm going to have to get used to living in a maze of boxes for the next couple of weeks.

Last night was my performance at CowPlace. I was so freaking nervous. I've never performed something that I hadn't rehearsed at least *some* first. Some of the scenes I had never done before. I knew the lines. I knew the blocking. I had some character (though not as fleshed out as

it should have been). I was still not ready.

There were fast and I mean *fast* changes. At one point, I had to go from a full suit and tie,

to undershirt and bowling shirt in about fifteen seconds. I'd made the mistake of buttoning my

cuffs. I got the shirt over my head, and one of the guys grabbed it and just pulled. I heard threads pop, but the buttons didn't go flying.

I blew my lines once. I totally panicked and had no idea what to say. There was an awkward moment, one improved line by BoBoGirl, and then I jumped to my next line and got back on track. That was tense, but not disastrous.

The worst moment of the whole thing. Oh my god. I had one scene where I wear a wig. And I have too much hair (being a long-haired hippy freak and all) and the wig would not stay put. I could feel it moving. I could hear the audience laughing and gasping as it moved. I could see the other people on stage watching my head, waiting for it to go. Finally, I decided that no one was paying attention to the scene. I figured I'd just have to remove the source of the problem.

So I took the wig off and threw it at someone, then continued on with the scene. Damn funny in retrospect, but nerve-wracking as hell in the moment.

Today, I got up and went to swashbuckling class. Then RockGirl and I went to see a display of Buddhist relics. That was pretty cool, almost more for the discovery of the Zen Center that housed it than the display itself. The relics themselves were very, very small, and there was not a lot of explanation as to what they were. It was also kind of a short visit because of CutestBoy, who was a Grumpy Gus today.

After that we went to a park, and CutestBoy had a great time blowing bubbles and playing. But he made the mistake of throwing sand at a little girl, and then refusing to apologize, so the trip of the park was cut short by way of punishment. He got carted off to the car like a sack of potatoes. A whining, screaming sack of potatoes, but a sack of potatoes nonetheless.

I just dropped by home to check email and pay some bills and I'll be heading down to RockGirl's

very shortly for dinner and a movie.

Some day I'll sit and rest for a minute. Some day.

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