No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2001-12-26 - 3:34 p.m.

The obligatory Christmas Recap

What to say about Christmas day? I got up relatively early, and went over to OriginalWhiteGuy and Starling's place. They were having a little open house kind of deal in the morning. When I got there it was only the hosts, RockGirl, her son (CutestBoy) and her ex-husband (I'd like to dub him The Asshole, but it's still the holidays, so I'll be charitable and call him ExRockHubby).

Anyway, it started off pretty incredibly awkward. It's not like he and I were ever the greatest of friends. I've really only known him peripherally. But, um...if looks could kill, you wouldn't be reading this, cause I'd be dead. Later, I learned from RockGirl that he's "having troubles letting go and moving on". I kind of feel bad about it, cause he's always seemed like an okay guy to me, and I bear him no ill will.

Moving on, this was the first time I'd met CutestBoy, and...um...he's the cutest little boy in the world. When I walked in the front door, Starling said "Hi j$" and there was this little brown-haired munchkin running up after her yelling "Hi j$". He is incredibly outgoing, and absolutely afraid of no one. OWG and I at one point were hanging out in the study looking at pictures, and CutestBoy just came in and plopped down between us, looking at all the pictures but not touching. He has this habit of repeating things he hears, but not getting the pronunciation right. OWG turned to him from a picture of an obelisk and said "CutestBoy, can you say 'phallic'?" to which CutestBoy replied "Ferric". I told OWG he was a bad influence, and CutestBoy said "bad impotence". I could go on for hours like this. Suffice it to say that he's a great little kid.

So anyway, I then went over to Mom's and had a pretty good day. Mom was alternately very cool, and kind of pissy, as she is on most holidays. We tried an Italian meal instead of the traditional turkey dinner, and Mom was disappointed. I don't know why she *needs* to have a traditional meal on holidays, but she does. We also had another redux of the j$ doesn't eat a lot of meat thing. I pretty much only eat seafood and poultry. I've been this way for nearly ten years now. I haven't changed the rules. This is not a surprise. As far as most red meats and pork products go, I will eat them once in a blue moon. As far as bacon goes, I'd much rather give myself a vasectomy than be in the same room as it. It makes me physically ill. So I was considerably less than pleased when I was half-way through my caesar salad and found a big hunk of bacon in it. Mom went through this whole shocked thing, as I explained for the ten-thousandth time just what I will and will not eat. I was actually mad at her, because, like I said, this is not a surprise. I dunno.

RockGirl came over later in the evening and met the family. I was really glad she made it, and I was really glad that my sisters liked her, and versa-vica. BigSis, when I called to get the debriefing, said "she seems to like you" about ten times. I think they were surprised at the extent of PDA that RockGirl likes to show.

I went over to RockGirl's last night, and we lazed around on the couch and just talked. It was a good talk, and I finally got some more details about the divorce and custody of CutestBoy and the like. I've been really curious about it, but I haven't wanted to push. But she seemed okay to be talking about it.

She had to work today, so she trundled off while I was still in bed. She woke me up to say goodbye, and I think she was laughing at my feeble attempts at conversation as I struggled up out of sleep. I don't remember it well, because I was back asleep in a heartbeat.

This is kind of a long entry, as my entries go. I've already written maybe ten times this much today, in trying to hash out what I'm feeling. The upshot is that I'm absolutely amazed that it hasn't even been a week. One week ago today, we were pretty much just friends. It feels like it's been months.

She has stormed into my life in a way that I didn't think was possible.

I don't seem to have anything to say that sums it up better than that.

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