No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2001-10-31 - i do *not* have Anthrax.
2001-10-29 - Bombshells. Don't we all need more Bombshells in our lives?
2001-10-29 - WBC
2001-10-28 - just a thought
2001-10-26 - Another rant, this time about impatient americans, and cluster bombs
2001-10-25 - The cutest thing in the world
2001-10-25 - A rant about media reporting of anthrax cases
2001-10-25 - Half a conversation, and then randomness, and imperfect meditation, and at the end of it all...think of walruses and smile
2001-10-24 - Futball Mundial
2001-10-23 - A poorly written entry about finishing work early and impending soccer.
2001-10-23 - wasted time
2001-10-22 - Music kicks my ass.
2001-10-22 - music, baby
2001-10-21 - i'm lonely. and fuck off.
2001-10-20 - Goin' with the flow, baby
2001-10-19 - Perspective, and the keeping thereof
2001-10-18 - Thought of the day, based on a heinous misquotation from Illusions by Richard Bach, followed by and Aliens reference, and me being a weirdo.
2001-10-17 - Ten steps to regaining your groove
2001-10-17 - How to lose your groove, in five easy steps.
2001-10-16 - Again with the Hurmph, and whoever invented Strawberry Banana Yogurt was one sick puppy, and you don't expect me to eat this tripe, do you, and the entry title is gonna be longer than the entry.
2001-10-16 - Insomniac's Summation
2001-10-15 - j$ and the horrible, no-good, very bad day
2001-10-15 - Nothingness, and then some optimism, masquerading behind yet *more* bitching about loneliness.
2001-10-13 - j$ tries to shape up his attitude
2001-10-12 - j$ bitches about work some more. Ooooh there's a shock!
2001-10-11 - Evildoers Beware!
2001-10-11 - Hurmph
2001-10-10 - Don't ask me what this entry is about. Just read it, already.
2001-10-09 - no where near good enough
2001-10-09 - more and yet more and yet more blood spills and I feel sick at heart
2001-10-08 - what's being done in my name
2001-10-06 - Wish I was a millionaire, I'd play rock music and grow long hair...
2001-10-04 - A really weird one about Gilligan, and drunkenness.
2001-10-04 - Courage equals the inverse of Desire
2001-10-03 - No Great Revelation
2001-10-02 - Columbus Day, the Patriarchy, and Togas. (Nobody ever said I wasn't weird.)
2001-10-01 - Wherein our spunky young hero equates a job hunt with 1001 Arabian Nights, and promises his virtual harem Secret Decoder Rings.
2001-10-01 - It's snowing Lilliputians. That's really not right, but it's close enough. Just read the damned entry.

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