No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction at anytime.
There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction,
a blessed unrest keeps us marching and makes us more alive than others.
-- Martha Graham to Agnes De Mille
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2001-12-24 - 5:14 p.m.

random christmas eve update

this'll be quick, as i have to run off to mom's in a moment. let's see where were we. saturday night was dinner with dad and crew. ShortBroInLaw decided to throw an entire glass of chianti on me. i later retaliated by spilling coke on his speaker (don't tell him, he didn't see). got home fairly early, and HeroMan, eRoommate and i watched Final Fantasy. it was the second time in two days i'd seen it, and i still enjoyed it. i guess i'll have to buy it some time.

yesterday was bum around time. i scampered off to somewhere in the afternoon. where the hell did i go? oh that's right, eRoommate and i went over to the B n B for hot wings and a pitcher while we watched the Packers game. then we had another pitcher. then, um...i might have had some more to drink.

RockGirl called me up, asking if i wanted to come down to her place to watch Swordfish (the other movie i'd rented) and i had to explain to her that driving would be hazardous and illegal for me at that moment.

she laughed at me and came over.

we watched about the first ten minutes of the movie before we got...um...distracted. (i don't want you to think i'm one of those guys who kisses and tells, cause i'm not. i'm a gentleman. but hell, it *is* my journal, and it's something i'm pretty damned happy about, so, let's just pretend i didn't say that, kay?)

we got distracted again this morning.

we lay in bed for like two hours, just talking. it was very nice. finally, we got up and went over to the B n B for lunch. which means my last two meals were there. i love that place. over lunch I gleaned that she definitely considers us to be dating (i try to never assume anything, and you know, i'm too chickenshit to ask). there was also something about a short list of guys she had when she moved here. i don't know if i was at the top of the list, but i know that she "ran through" at least one other on the list before she got to me. some things it's best not to know.

this afternoon we went to see LOTR. i'm very glad it was not the first time i'd seen it, because otherwise i would have had to unleash some serious whup-ass on the people in the row behind us. it seems that they were an entire family of about eight who had no idea how to behave in a movie theater. they spent the entire movie whispering to each other. salient points, and intelligent questions like "his feet are hairy", "is he dead? is he dead? is he dead?", and "what's a hobbit?". this combined with the escapee from the tuberculosis ward in front of us made for a less than perfect movie-watching environment.

well, now, this is getting longer than i meant it to be, and i really must run if i'm to make it to mom's in time.

again with the happiness of holidays, and all that crap.


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